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May 2018 meeting minutes
« on: May 18, 2018, 10:35:30 AM »
Minutes from OHPV meeting May 16, 2018

Thank you again to Pat Franz of TerraCycle, Inc. for allowing us to invade your space.

Members present:  The usual subjects/suspects; Jeff, Dave & Edna, Harvey & Barbara, Pat, Keith, Barbara & Chuck, Paul & Bev, Lonnie and Nate.

Discussion was held on various topics:

Looks like we missed the Tulip ride this year as the fields closed on May 6th.

The 1st Sunday Parkways of the year is May 20th.  “WE” will meet at RecumbentPdx at 10:00 for coffee and pastries before doing the “tour”.  Also this weekend, several people will be going to Yakima for the organized “Your Canyon For a Day” ride (Sunday) with Louie and Becky.

The Bike Every Day in May Mantra begun by Dave Van Gundy has been taken as a “CHALLENGE” by several people.  It was meant as a motivation, not a challenge.  (DVG)
Shirts for the Recumbent Retreat will be ordered the fist part of JUNE.  PLEASE VERIFY QUANTITY, COLOR, SIZE AND MEN OR WOMEN.  The Club is paying for these in advance so your verification is a commitment to purchase. These will be delivered/distributed in September at the Retreat.

Bike overnight to Big Eddy Park in August.  Leave on August 3rd (Friday) and return on August 5th (Sunday). Still discussing where we will leave from. Hillsboro/Banks?  Paul/Bev are going out early and will meet us Friday morning to possibly shuttle gear.  Please make your own reservations and bring all your own supplies.

Portland Bureau of Transportation is looking for “bike counters”. Two hour shifts and a lot of different times/locations.
Race Across America and Race Across the West are looking for officials and volunteers in June. Sign up online at  - Keith Kohan is Crew Chief for a “fast” 4 person team.

Not going to be a 3rd Saturday ride this month as various people are out of town or working.

Pedalpalooza is the month of June. There is a Lighted bike ride on June 3rd.
Time to kick off the Charge of the Light Brigade Rides! 1st Ride up - THE MAJOR STREETS RIDE! Get out your Bike Lights, don your lit up Finery and lets invade some MAJOR PORTLAND STREETS! We'll be cruising up Major Streets like Hawthorne, Powell, Foster, 82nd, Sandy, Broadway and possibly Interstate.

The Trail of the Hiawatha is celebrating 20 years.  This is the same time we will be at TOT.

Keep riding,