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Minutes from March 2018 meeting
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:54:05 AM »
 March 2018 meeting was held the 21st, at Rose City Recumbents.  Thank you Robert & Jonathan for allowing us the use of your space and taking your time.

The meeting was chaired by “MADAM President”,  Edna.  Present were Chuck and Barbara, Keith (back from world travels), Jeff, Lonnie, Dave, Brandon, Jacquie, and Paul and Bev (our recent California transplants :-}).

#1, We began with the discussion of the Recumbent Retreat (RR).  It has been decided we will do shirts with the RR embroidery logo, and hats with the RR Logo and also 20th anniversary.  Decided on white with Emerald Green printing (20th Anniversary colors) for the hats.
#2.  Discussion continued on the OHPV website and was quite lively.  Progress is being made!!!! Part of the discussion was “Landing Page” and “Navigator” bar.    Jacquie brought in pages showing what the landing page (OHPV.Org) will look like.  Brandon opened a discussion on some technical concerns. 
-  One website domain or two
-  Navigation elements (side bars and differing menus)
-  Fonts usage (because the originals from Jacquie did not contain "good" fonts to purpose)
The decision is to "solve the technical" so that the independent sections of the site could work as designed.  Brandon and Jacquie will work together to find and resolve the issues.  A design committee meeting is forthcoming.
Jacquie noted content is still needed (Logos, History)
Brandon will continue to mock up site with proper fonting.

#3. It was discussed if we want to continue the insurance for the RR.  Because of possible liabilities should an accident occur, it was decided to continue with insurance.  Next year we will increase registration fee to help cover this cost.

#4.  The OHPV Club will make an additional donation to the “Friends of the Gorge” along with the funds donated by various individuals last year.

#5.  Todd M. has stated that he would like to “transition” out as Wagonmaster.  A possible replacement has been found and is being investigated.
#6.  Discussed if we want to set up a table/booth in the Sunday Parkways ride.  The discussion was regarding if we get any benefits.  Decided most recumbent people already know of OHPV and the Recumbent Retreat.  Decided not to set up a booth, just participate by riding.

#7.  Still working on a new OHPV logo.  Brandon presented some ideas.  To be continued…

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Van Gundy
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