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Minutes February 2018
« on: February 23, 2018, 06:59:44 PM »
February 2018  meeting was held the 21st, at TerraCycle. Thank you Pat, for allowing us the use of your space.
The meeting was “CHAIRED” by Lonnie M. as Edna was out of town.  Present were Harvey and Barb, Chuck and Barbara, Pat F., and Dave.

It was a short meeting however (comma) a certain amount of business was conducted.

#1, We began with a discussion of the OHPV website.  Progress is being made. Part of the discussion was which level of “WORD PRESS” we wanted to purchase. Basic level is 6 gig at a cost of $48.00 per year.  Premium level is 13 gig with advance design customization and lots of space for audio and video at a cost of $96.00 per year.  It was decided we would let Brandon and Jacquie make the decision on which to purchase.

#2.  Recumbent Retreat (RR)   We discussed “SHIRTS for the 20th year.  No decision was made except that the final design and yes/no decision will be made at the next meeting as that will give us time to order, etc. It was decided we will order 24 hats (12 white/12 blue). Same style as last year.  They will be embroidered with the RR logo and a type of 20th year denotation either on the front/back/side.

#2A. It was briefly discussed if we want to continue the insurance for the RR.  This was “TABLED” and will be further investigated.

#2B,  Pat Franz will set up the locations for the Treasure Hunt then give the information to one of us that is going to the retreat early.

#2C. It was discussed if we want to try to include the  during the RR Weekend.  While this would be a fun thing to do, the amount of time required (within the RR weekend) is probably not available.  Possibly we could do this on an alternate date before of after the Retreat.

#3.  The Biking About Architecture: Woodstock edition is Feb 24th,  meeting at 45th and Division at 11:00 am at Stumptown Coffee, Portland.  This will be a bike tour of the Woodstock neighborhood.
Info found on Shift to Bikes calendar:

#4.  Various ride reports:  Not a lot of riding being done due to the weather.

#5.  Todd M. has stated that he would like to “transition” out as Wagonmaster.  Think about a replacement person.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Van Gundy
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