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Minutes, January 2018
« on: January 19, 2018, 06:59:20 PM »
January 2018 meeting held the 17th at TerraCycle. Thank you Pat for allowing us the use of your space.
Present were Lonnie M., Brandon R., Pat F., Dave and President Edna.

More than a few things were discussed…

#1, Varna Molds. The molds have been stored at Todd Marley’s for years.  It is time for them to find a new home.  It was discussed if we want to keep them or “pitch” them.  Robert Johnson stated that these belong to Joe K. from Seattle and we should check with him.  Edna sent him an email and when we got back from the meeting we had a reply; that Joe would like them back.  Joe will not be able to get them for a couple months to pick them up.  Alex Kohan said they could be stored in Salem and Pat Franz said he could hang them from the ceiling at TerraCycle. One way or another, they will be out of Todd’s garage by month end.

#2. OHPV facebook page.  The discussion was regarding applications to join and who we should admit.  Do we want to restrict it to a “local/social” group who can join in and do local events or do we want to open it to people worldwide?  We have had requests from China and other locations in the US that would not be joining us in person.  Edna (as administrator) sends out an information request as to why they want to join.  The decision was to play it by “EAR” in each individual case.

#3. Recumbent Retreat. (RR)  Sylvia Eberlei has created a flyer” that we can distribute to bike shops.  A copy has been uploaded to the “files” section of the RR Facebook page, available for anyone to print out.  We will change the font to reflect the correct RR name.

#4. As this is the 20th year of the RR, it was discussed having a history of recumbents and the RR, but it was decided the time was inadequate after dinner and during announcements to make a presentation.   It was suggested we could do a You-tube video using photos from Flick’r.  More discussion to follow. 

#5. OHPV Website.  Brandon has been making excellent progress in the re-design.  Mock-up” should be available by the 28th. The new site will be created in “WordPress” and will be easier to administer.  Additional admin’s will be added with ability to make corrections/changes as required.  Eventually, the website will be linked to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.  I will let someone more knowledgeable than moi add more comments on the ongoing changes.

#6.  The design of the OHPV logo was discussed with several examples.  Pat had a “rough” outline that we all liked.  Brandon is going to “tweek” it for further discussion.

#7.  The 20th RR is coming up.  Discussion was whether we wanted T-shirts, Hats, or a Jersey.  Pat and Edna both suggested a “wicking” polo shirt.  Everybody liked the idea and we will proceed with investigating the possibility.  A decision will be made at next month’s meeting as time is of the essence.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Van Gundy