Author Topic: Boomerbents Carbon fiber & Aluminum midracer for sale! $1500  (Read 568 times)


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Boomerbents Carbon fiber & Aluminum midracer for sale! $1500
« on: August 23, 2017, 08:47:04 AM »
So, I've finally decided to sell my 'bent baby.   :'(

It's a relatively rare carbon fiber (with aluminum lugs) midracer that I bought about a decade ago from boomerbents.  It's super fast and I've been dutifully having it tuned up every year except for this year even though I don't get to ride it anymore.

The picture is a little out of date in that the seat has been replaced with a carbon fiber seat + Ventisit seat pad & head rest and the handlebars are now more bacchetta aero style instead of the tiny "praying mantis" style shown in the pic.  Also, there is a digital speedometer/odometer mounted. 

I *did* wipe out ONCE on it (going too fast on the Columbia Scenic Highway), so the carbon fiber seat has some scratches (but nothing that would compromise the structural integrity). 

I'm not sure of the weight, but it's LIGHT, and FAST.  I am not a regular rider, but the last time I hopped on it after a couple YEARS off, I was able to maintain about 20 mph (average) on rolling hills for 24+ miles without any trouble.. 
Asking $1500. 

For more details, contact me via email as I'm not on OHPV much.  Email: