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OHPV Meeting Wednesday August 16, 2017
« on: August 16, 2017, 09:49:23 PM »
Minutes from the meeting of August 16th

Present were Lonnie (Acting President as Edna was ill) Jeff, Brandon, Todd, Pat Franz and Dave VG

1st item, the review of a new LOGO.  Brandon presented several possibilities and we are working to the final solution
2nd item, The Recumbent Retreat.  Discussed why reservations were "light". Figured it was a combination of web problems, date change and that people have been attending for the last ten years with only minor changes..
  Ride maps will be provided by Jeff. The only ride leader will be Lonnie M. for the in PARK trike tour, otherwise, follow the maps. The Lighted bike parade will be led by Jeff W.
  OHPV will provide water for the Potluck.
  We will have Door Prizes. If people would like to donate "lightly used" items as door prizes they will be accepted. We will have a "FREE" table for items people want to part
  with ;-).
  Registration will be Friday from 9 to 12 (noon) and 4 to 8.
  Treasure Hunt will be placed by Todd M.
  Potluck Set-up will be by Edna and Dave VG
  HATS have been ordered and are in process.
 If anyone would like to volunteer they won't be refused. This event is run by volunteers and many hands make for a light work load.
3rd item, discussed various future rides including the 3rd Annual Kirke Johnson Banks/Vernonia ride on Sunday Sept 3rd.
  Also discussed was having the "RIDE WAIVER" signed to limit the Club liability.
Respectfully submitted,
Dave VG (Acting ASST Sect)