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OHPV Meeting March 15, 2017
« on: April 19, 2017, 06:19:18 PM »
Meeting held at RecumbentPDX, thank you, Janet.

Members present: Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Michael Cox, Keith Kohan, Lonnie Morse, Dave and Edna VanGundy, Jeff Wills.

Website update: Casey presented the contract for his design work. We reviewed and agreed to his terms and chose to pay him in full, $1,600. He has done preliminary wireframes for the main page. Dropbox will be used to monitor Casey’s progress. Todd still working on registration portal.

Recumbent Retreat: Kurt Anderson has the design for the RR hats, we may do a run of them for this year’s Retreat.

Upcoming rides: Alton Baker park in Eugene, this coming Saturday, the 19th. Rites of Spring is on March 25th. Louie Berry posted several rides over the Spring and Summer, they are on the calendar.

Trail updates: Banks-Vernonia is still being cleaned up from the Winter storms. Todd rode the Gorge trail, it also took a beating with many downed trees. In Portland, Lonnie rode the levee trail east of PIR. It has been greatly improved with the intersection of Interstate Avenue.

Sunday Parkways: Edna has inquired what’s involved to volunteer for the May 21st SE event. They need two officially trained volunteers to be intersection marshals. She and Dave are willing to go through the training. The rest of us could be on hand with bikes/trikes and info to spread recumbent joy to the passing throngs! Preferred area would be around Cornel Summers Park, since it’s close to RecumbentPDX.

Classified ads: Todd has a Catrike 700 and an ICE Vortex for sale. Lonnie has an Easy Racer Ti-Rush and his Milan Velomobile on the market.