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OHPV Meeting Announcements / June OHPV meeting on different week
« Last post by vangundy on May 26, 2017, 07:52:53 PM »
Our club meeting for June will be held on Wednesday June 14th, 2017 -- on the second Wednesday instead of the third Wednesday.  It turns out that the majority of folks who attend our monthly meetings will be out of town (in Kellogg, Idaho) at Tater TOT. 

We will meet at RecumbentPDX (SE 21st & Hawthorne), with doors opening at 6:45, meeting to begin at 7:00pm.  We will possibly welcome an out of town guest that night also, Ron Richings from Vancouver, BC.  Some items on the agenda: our website changes; our club PO Box for mail; upcoming summer rides; Recumbent Retreat.

Hope to see you there!
Club and Web Rides / Sunday Parkways, Sunday May 21st
« Last post by vangundy on May 18, 2017, 09:47:40 PM »
Sunday Parkways Southeast Portland is this Sunday May 21st. OHPV will have a small "booth" (table under a canopy) at the corner of SE 21st & Taylor and possibly also SE 21st & Salmon. Stop by to see us, visit awhile, talk recumbents, oh and maybe spend some time with Metal Cowboy, Joe Kurmaskie who will be sharing our space. He will have some books you can purchase, and have signed, with profits going to and to OHPV.
OHPV Meeting Announcements / May OHPV club meeting Wednesday May 17th, 2017
« Last post by vangundy on May 06, 2017, 11:15:39 AM »
Our OHPV club meeting for May will be held the third Wednesday of the month, on May 17th, at TerraCycle in Portland.

Doors open 6:45-ish with meeting starting at 7pm.  On the agenda will be the changes for the updated OHPV - Recumbent Retreat website, and the club volunteer information for the May 21st Sunday Parkways.  If you have some great ideas for either, we'd love to hear them.  If you can't attend, please respond here or send an email to one of the board members.

Hope to see you there!

TerraCycle Inc. -- doors open about 6:45pm
5726 SE Center St
Portland, OR
Club and Web Rides / The Tulip Ride, May 7th, 9AM or 10AM... read on!
« Last post by Jeff Wills on May 03, 2017, 08:50:30 PM »
It's finally drying out!

Bikes/faster riders meet/start at Cutsforth's Market, 225 NE 2nd Ave, Canby, Oregon. Nominal meeting time 9AM, we'll start riding at about 9:15 RST (Recumbent Standard Time).

Trikes/slower riders meet/start at Rural Dell Elementary School, 10500 OR-211, just west of Molalla. Meeting time 10AM, start riding by 10:30. 

We aiming to get to Wooden Shoe about 11:45-ish. We'll have lunch there then head back. 
Recumbent Retreat / Re: 2017 Recumbent Retreat Registration is now OPEN :-)
« Last post by vangundy on April 28, 2017, 02:23:06 PM »
The Recumbent Retreat website page has been updated with the current information for this year's Retreat, including a link to the new registration page. The "schedule" shown is a sample of previous years; this year's will be very similar. The registration tab brings up the registration info, and a link to signmeup dot com. Thank you Kathi!!
Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting March 15, 2017
« Last post by bent103 on April 19, 2017, 06:19:18 PM »
Meeting held at RecumbentPDX, thank you, Janet.

Members present: Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Michael Cox, Keith Kohan, Lonnie Morse, Dave and Edna VanGundy, Jeff Wills.

Website update: Casey presented the contract for his design work. We reviewed and agreed to his terms and chose to pay him in full, $1,600. He has done preliminary wireframes for the main page. Dropbox will be used to monitor Casey’s progress. Todd still working on registration portal.

Recumbent Retreat: Kurt Anderson has the design for the RR hats, we may do a run of them for this year’s Retreat.

Upcoming rides: Alton Baker park in Eugene, this coming Saturday, the 19th. Rites of Spring is on March 25th. Louie Berry posted several rides over the Spring and Summer, they are on the calendar.

Trail updates: Banks-Vernonia is still being cleaned up from the Winter storms. Todd rode the Gorge trail, it also took a beating with many downed trees. In Portland, Lonnie rode the levee trail east of PIR. It has been greatly improved with the intersection of Interstate Avenue.

Sunday Parkways: Edna has inquired what’s involved to volunteer for the May 21st SE event. They need two officially trained volunteers to be intersection marshals. She and Dave are willing to go through the training. The rest of us could be on hand with bikes/trikes and info to spread recumbent joy to the passing throngs! Preferred area would be around Cornel Summers Park, since it’s close to RecumbentPDX.

Classified ads: Todd has a Catrike 700 and an ICE Vortex for sale. Lonnie has an Easy Racer Ti-Rush and his Milan Velomobile on the market.
Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting February 15, 2017
« Last post by bent103 on April 19, 2017, 05:39:13 PM »
Meeting held at Rose City Recumbents, thank you, Robert.

Members present: Lonnie Morse, Jeff Wills, Jay Machamer, Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Dave and Edna VanGundy.

Website redesign: Jay’s contact, Casey was invited to this meeting, but did not make it. The plan is to make the Retreat the prominent face of the site, as it represents where the club is focused now. We will only need on host, to be determined. Todd is still working on the registration portal. Casey will be using Wordpress and estimates the website design at $1,600.

Recumbent Retreat rides: Jeff suggests revamping the Seaside ride with an alternate route. Lonnie may split up the trike ride.

Ride reports: Jeff and Diane did the long Worst Day of the Year route. It was a challenging ride up and over by the zoo to Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and back over Germantown Rd. Lots of gravel on the shoulders, but they felt good due to spin class training over the Winter. They also rode the Third Saturday ride to Gateway down to Sellwood, trails were fairly clear of snow.

Barbara and Chuck joined Gwen and Tom for a short ride on the Banks-Vernonia. Rode from Manning up to Stub Stewart. Had to turn back due to downed trees and rockslides. Beautiful day as the sun came out!

Dave, Edna and Lonnie went to the Cycle Oregon kickoff, it will be a classic CO route with Crater Lake.

There will be no scheduled Third Saturday ride in February, Jeff will be out of town.

Rites of Spring ride will be one week later, March 25th, Classic Troutdale route.

Lonnie would like to do a Eugene/Cottage Grove weekend, date TBD.

Barbara is interested in the CO Weekend ride in July, some TOT friends will be there.
Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting January 18, 2017
« Last post by bent103 on April 19, 2017, 04:59:29 PM »
Meeting held at TerraCycle, thank you, Pat.

Members present: Jeff Wills, Dave and Edna VanGundy, Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Michael Cox, Keith Kohan, Jay Machamer, Kathi Johnson, Jack Burpee, Pat Franz.

Todd is looking into a registration method for the Retreat, he was unable to attend the meeting.

Redesigning, updating the website: Jay has a contact through the Art Institute who can be hired to do the design work. He would charge $15-17/hour and would like a 50% deposit once we decide what we want on the site. Some other bike club websites were brought up as examples - Portland Wheelman and Willamette Valley Bike Club. Our new site would need general info, a calendar, rotating photo gallery. Since our main event is the Retreat, we’ll make that the central focus of the site, using the ‘Wave’ logo. When Todd gets the registration set up, it will be linked. We’ll also link archives for the Human Power Challenge. We will drop the forum, as it takes too much time monitor and maintain. Facebook will be used for communication and discussion.

2018 will be the 20th Recumbent Retreat. We’d like to have some commemorative swag for it. New logo? We’ll propose a design contest this year.

Other stuff: Portland Timbers/Thorns are having a ‘bike night’ and are looking for volunteers from bike groups. Our interest was low...

Sunday Parkways needs volunteers. We as a group can set up a booth, Edna will find out what is required. Southeast S.P. is in May this year.

Cycle Oregon kickoff is on January 24th at the Art Museum.

Monthly ride: Jeff says maybe, but will watch the weather. Might be too much snow on trails.

Worst Day of the Year Ride is on February 12th... It will probably be nice! Jeff and Diane are signed up.

OHPV Library is stored at TerraCycle. Edna suggested a pizza party to go through the materials and organize it. Jeff also has IHPVA archives that he will donate.
OHPV Meeting Announcements / April OHPV Club Meeting
« Last post by vangundy on April 11, 2017, 05:27:59 PM »
Hi all,

This month's (April) OHPV meeting will be at Rose City Recumbents (SE 37th & Powell).
Doors open about 6:45, meeting starts at 7pm.

Hope to see you there!
Club and Web Rides / Club web ride Saturday April 15
« Last post by vangundy on April 11, 2017, 05:05:11 PM »
Celebrate the dedication of the Canby Bike Hub with a 10 to 20 mile ride led by Bruce Parker. Route and length depends on who shows.
Dedication happens at 1:00pm, ride follows.

Saturday April 15th, 2017 at 1 PM - 4 PM

Meet at N Holly St & NW Territorial Rd, Canby, OR.
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