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Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting March 15, 2017
« on: April 19, 2017, 06:19:18 PM »
Meeting held at RecumbentPDX, thank you, Janet.

Members present: Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Michael Cox, Keith Kohan, Lonnie Morse, Dave and Edna VanGundy, Jeff Wills.

Website update: Casey presented the contract for his design work. We reviewed and agreed to his terms and chose to pay him in full, $1,600. He has done preliminary wireframes for the main page. Dropbox will be used to monitor Casey’s progress. Todd still working on registration portal.

Recumbent Retreat: Kurt Anderson has the design for the RR hats, we may do a run of them for this year’s Retreat.

Upcoming rides: Alton Baker park in Eugene, this coming Saturday, the 19th. Rites of Spring is on March 25th. Louie Berry posted several rides over the Spring and Summer, they are on the calendar.

Trail updates: Banks-Vernonia is still being cleaned up from the Winter storms. Todd rode the Gorge trail, it also took a beating with many downed trees. In Portland, Lonnie rode the levee trail east of PIR. It has been greatly improved with the intersection of Interstate Avenue.

Sunday Parkways: Edna has inquired what’s involved to volunteer for the May 21st SE event. They need two officially trained volunteers to be intersection marshals. She and Dave are willing to go through the training. The rest of us could be on hand with bikes/trikes and info to spread recumbent joy to the passing throngs! Preferred area would be around Cornel Summers Park, since it’s close to RecumbentPDX.

Classified ads: Todd has a Catrike 700 and an ICE Vortex for sale. Lonnie has an Easy Racer Ti-Rush and his Milan Velomobile on the market.

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting February 15, 2017
« on: April 19, 2017, 05:39:13 PM »
Meeting held at Rose City Recumbents, thank you, Robert.

Members present: Lonnie Morse, Jeff Wills, Jay Machamer, Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Dave and Edna VanGundy.

Website redesign: Jay’s contact, Casey was invited to this meeting, but did not make it. The plan is to make the Retreat the prominent face of the site, as it represents where the club is focused now. We will only need on host, to be determined. Todd is still working on the registration portal. Casey will be using Wordpress and estimates the website design at $1,600.

Recumbent Retreat rides: Jeff suggests revamping the Seaside ride with an alternate route. Lonnie may split up the trike ride.

Ride reports: Jeff and Diane did the long Worst Day of the Year route. It was a challenging ride up and over by the zoo to Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and back over Germantown Rd. Lots of gravel on the shoulders, but they felt good due to spin class training over the Winter. They also rode the Third Saturday ride to Gateway down to Sellwood, trails were fairly clear of snow.

Barbara and Chuck joined Gwen and Tom for a short ride on the Banks-Vernonia. Rode from Manning up to Stub Stewart. Had to turn back due to downed trees and rockslides. Beautiful day as the sun came out!

Dave, Edna and Lonnie went to the Cycle Oregon kickoff, it will be a classic CO route with Crater Lake.

There will be no scheduled Third Saturday ride in February, Jeff will be out of town.

Rites of Spring ride will be one week later, March 25th, Classic Troutdale route.

Lonnie would like to do a Eugene/Cottage Grove weekend, date TBD.

Barbara is interested in the CO Weekend ride in July, some TOT friends will be there.

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting January 18, 2017
« on: April 19, 2017, 04:59:29 PM »
Meeting held at TerraCycle, thank you, Pat.

Members present: Jeff Wills, Dave and Edna VanGundy, Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Michael Cox, Keith Kohan, Jay Machamer, Kathi Johnson, Jack Burpee, Pat Franz.

Todd is looking into a registration method for the Retreat, he was unable to attend the meeting.

Redesigning, updating the website: Jay has a contact through the Art Institute who can be hired to do the design work. He would charge $15-17/hour and would like a 50% deposit once we decide what we want on the site. Some other bike club websites were brought up as examples - Portland Wheelman and Willamette Valley Bike Club. Our new site would need general info, a calendar, rotating photo gallery. Since our main event is the Retreat, we’ll make that the central focus of the site, using the ‘Wave’ logo. When Todd gets the registration set up, it will be linked. We’ll also link archives for the Human Power Challenge. We will drop the forum, as it takes too much time monitor and maintain. Facebook will be used for communication and discussion.

2018 will be the 20th Recumbent Retreat. We’d like to have some commemorative swag for it. New logo? We’ll propose a design contest this year.

Other stuff: Portland Timbers/Thorns are having a ‘bike night’ and are looking for volunteers from bike groups. Our interest was low...

Sunday Parkways needs volunteers. We as a group can set up a booth, Edna will find out what is required. Southeast S.P. is in May this year.

Cycle Oregon kickoff is on January 24th at the Art Museum.

Monthly ride: Jeff says maybe, but will watch the weather. Might be too much snow on trails.

Worst Day of the Year Ride is on February 12th... It will probably be nice! Jeff and Diane are signed up.

OHPV Library is stored at TerraCycle. Edna suggested a pizza party to go through the materials and organize it. Jeff also has IHPVA archives that he will donate.

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting December 11, 2016
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:14:00 PM »
Meeting held at OHPV Christmas Party, hosted by Chris and Ginny Achterman, thanks!

A good showing of members were present to enjoy socializing and comradery for the end of the year. We had a delicious pot luck and spirited gift exchange.

Todd Marley gave the update for the 2017 Recumbent Retreat. Date will be September 7th - 10th, Thursday through Sunday. Fifty nine sites have been reserved, cost per night is $30 + $8 fee. Registration will start after the New Year, upon re-vamping the web site.

Discussion regarding the web site. The club has a good deal of funds, consensus is to hire a web designer to update and streamline the web presence. A decision about continuing the forum, or just rely on Facebook for calendar and discussion space will also be addressed. Jay Machamer will contact some potential web designers.

Board Elections:
Treasurer: Keith Kohan will continue.
Secretary: Barbara Kilts will continue.
Co-Vice President: Lonnie Morse and Michael Cox will continue.
President: Edna VanGundy will continue.

An additional, honorary position: Sargent-at-Arms. Dave VanGundy, nominated by Lonnie Morse and seconded.

Club dues: Edna proposed to have a moratorium on collecting dues for the coming year, due to the flush club account. Participants of club events are covered by insurance wether member or not.

Upcoming events, Pedalpalooza. Last year’s Party, Party, Party was a success. Other ideas suggested: a lighted parade, rodeo, and?

The club needs more business cards.

Recumbent Retreat swag, hats and/or shirts.

Edna invites all suggestions and ideas to add to the web site revision.

Meeting adjourned, Happy New Year!

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting November 16, 2016
« on: November 28, 2016, 10:41:29 AM »
Meeting held at Rose City Recumbents. Thanks to Robert for hosting!

Members present: Dave and Edna, Lonnie, Barbara and Chuck, Jeff, Keith, Jack, Michael and Robert.

From the mailbox: Washington County road use survey, with a chance to win a prize for responding. A developer in LaGrande is looking for interest in building an active sports resort.

Ride report: Barbara and Chuck just got back from a nearly two-month road trip, with some trike riding thrown in. They rode in Grand Teton and Teddy Roosevelt National Parks, Bismarck, North Dakota, Catskill mountains in New York, Washington DC and the Withlacoochee trail in Florida. In North Dakota, they met up with seven other riders from the TaterTOT rally for two days of beautiful, and challenging, riding at the Roosevelt Badlands and a third day in Bismarck/Mandan riding trails along the Missouri River to Lewis and Clark historical sites. In DC, they rode on a rail trail in suburban Virginia, and along the Potomac to the monuments on the Mall in brisk sunny and windy weather. In Florida, they were amazed by seeing more recumbents than uprights on the Withlacoochee trail, definitely ‘bent heaven! Along the way, they also checked out  recumbent shops and met some ‘bent personalities in Minneapolis, Alfred, NY, Vienna, VA, Durham, NC (ELF factory), Inverness, FL, Dallas, TX and Sacramento, CA.

Financial report: The club and the Recumbent Retreat have a surplus of cash on hand. Some ideas for giving back to the community have been floated. Edna checked into putting up a memorial bench along the Banks-Vernonia trail. The response from the State was basically ‘no’; they don’t allow private installations with names mentioned now. Community Cycling Center was mentioned as a possible recipient of a gift. More research and suggestions to come.

Another investment need is to update the OHPV website and Recumbent Retreat registration process. Hire a professional web designer to do it, let Edna know if you have suggestions.

Recumbent Retreat: It will be held on the second weekend of September again, the 7th-11th. We were trying to remember how many Retreats have been held, will next year be the 20th? The third weekend in August falls on the Solar Eclipse, all Oregon parks will sell out their campsites. Michael possibly has a connection at Sun River for a OHPV Solar Eclipse party!

Upcoming events: The PIR ‘Bike the Lights’ night is Tuesday, November 29th. We will meet up a 6 and start riding at 6:30. Weather forecast looks good!

The OHPV Holiday Party is Sunday, December 11th at the Achterman’s home at 2pm. We will also hold elections for club board members. See details in general announcements, hope to see you there!

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting March 16, 2016
« on: April 16, 2016, 03:47:50 PM »
Meeting held at Terracycle, thanks to Pat Franz.

Members present: Jack Burpee, Michael Cox, Barbara and Harvey, Jeff Wills, Lonnie Morse, Keith Kohan, Dave and Edna Van Gundy, Barbara and Chuck Kilts and new member Patty.

Recumbent Retreat: Website registration is up and working, have received several mailed-in registrations.

Seattle Bike Show: Michael and Lonnie flew up and back for a day trip. The only recumbents displayed were by Rose City Recumbents featuring mostly Cruzbikes. Lots of electric bikes now, including a Kickstarter project that is more like a moped - quite slick and expensive, but still would not require licensing.

Locally, there will be an electric bike show here in May, more info to come. Also, Blazer Bike Night is on April 6th, sponsored by the BTA.

Jack was was asked to fix an electric cargo trike at his work, it needed more repair than it was worth. He looked into new replacements - they are quite expensive!

Keith put an electric assist on his wife MaryAnn’s trike, a 1500 watt Bafang. She thinks it’s too fast!

Rites of Spring Ride: This will be 20th edition! Jeff moved here from California in 1996, it had snowed 3”. He held the first ride in 1997. Meet this Saturday, the 19th at 9am at Gateway Transit Center.

Jeff showed his latest bike improvement project: shiny metal fenders from Planet Bike that fit the 20” front wheels on Easy Racer bikes. He ordered them directly from the company (they’re intended for folding bikes) and had the black paint stripped off. They said that those were the first set they had sold; Jeff suggested they sell them individually for recumbent riders.

Lonnie picked up info about a ‘bent event based in Sequim, WA in July riding the Discovery trail. It’s on the same weekend as the 40th anniversary celebration of Bikecentennial in Missoula, MT. We talked up Adventure Cycling, touring and Sylvia’s adventures. Patty is fairly new to trike riding and is very interested in touring.

Jack proposed a challenge! Commit to riding 1,000 miles in the 99 days of Summer - form Memorial Day to Labor Day. It amounts to 10+ miles a day, or 71 miles a week, or any combination thereof. He will announce ‘winners’ at the Recumbent Retreat. Chuck suggested dedicating this to Kirke Johnson’s memory.

Dave’s group trike ride on March 5th had five riders. They did a 28 mile loop on greenways and trails in Southeast Portland and Milwaukie. Dave is proposing a ride in Estacada  on April 2nd, details to come. Also, Bruce’s Tulip Ride is on the horizon. Edna suggested people lead rides on their favorite routes.

Lonnie and Dave would like to repeat the Gorge ride they did last Fall. Start point would be in Warrendale, ride east to Cascade Locks for lunch then back. Barbara asked if anything was going to be done with the stairs on the Gorge trail, Lonnie had found out that replacing them is far down on the list of jobs to do - 10 years out! The state does want to extend the trail to Hood River, though.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting February 17, 2016
« on: March 16, 2016, 12:36:12 AM »
Meeting held at RecumbentPDX

Members in attendance: Dave and Edna Van Gundy, Keith Kohan, Michael Cox, Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Lonnie Morse, Gary, Harvey and Barbara, Janet and Mel.

Mel showed us a new AZUB bike that they are building up with custom components, the AZUB trikes and bikes are nice machines. We were also treated by Janet with delicious nibbles and beverages.

Ride Reports: Dave and Lonnie rode the Banks-Vernonia Trail. There was some blowdown that had been cleared as well as some slide damage and mud on the trail, but it was passable. Edna met them at some trailheads and in Vernonia for lunch, she was not up for riding. Lonnie had a surprise when his heart monitor went crazy when riding over buried wires under the trail. They had a nice downhill cruise on the way back at 18-20 mph! In Banks, there’s a new bike repair station at the trailhead. Marty and Todd had ridden the trail a couple of weeks before.

Events: TARTAR is April 30 - May 1 down in Sacramento. This is a TOT-like gathering for two days of riding on the American River Trail. Barbara and Chuck, as well as Harvey are planing on going. Marty and his brother are driving to Louisiana at the end of March to ride Cycle Zydeco, a four day supported ride. Janet said that they will contribute $25 to recumbent riders participating in charity rides towards fund raising goals (Reach the Beach, for instance). Crater Lake will have two days in September for car-free riding, Saturday the 17th and 24th. The Cycle Oregon route was announced, a loop in Southwest Oregon, including the coast. The Seattle Bike Show is March 5-6. Michael and Jack offered discounted standby airfares on Sunday to go for the day.

Recumbent Retreat website is up, but still having some issues with registration links.

Lonnie has been making progress on the Linear bike. Jack was able to repair the frame and Lonnie would like to have bike building party to put it back together. He plans to offer it as a raffle prize at the Retreat - cool idea!

Second monthly ride! There has been interest to have more group rides, after some discussion, Dave offered to lead a 15-25 mile ride on a loop including the 205, Springwater and Oaks Bottom paths. Mel and Janet offered to be the start point and will provide snacks to the participants. March 5th,10am start time.

Thanks to Mel and Janet for hosting our meeting, next meeting March 16th at Terracycle.

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting January 20, 2016
« on: March 15, 2016, 11:03:17 PM »
Meeting held at Rose City Recumbents

Members present: Jeff and Diane Wills, Edna and Dave Van Gundy, Keith Kohan, Michael Cox, Lonnie Morse, Todd Marley, Jack Burpee, Barbara and Chuck Kilts, Marty Anderson and his brother Steve.

Recumbent Retreat - Todd took a survey to find reaction to changing the date to September 8-11. Results were: 18 for change, 5 for either, 3 for no change. Motion to change the date for this year’s Retreat, seconded and vote unanimously passed. We will be able to occupy the F & G loops. Registration will start February 1st. Announcements will be put on Facebook and the OHPV forum.

Cycle Oregon kickoff party is set for February 3rd at the Art Museum. The Week Ride is September 11-17.

Ride reports. Dave rode his newly restored Gold Rush, was very happy with the results. Marty and Steve got out on a 60 mile ride, preparing for a tour in Louisiana. Jeff and Diane did a nice multi-bridge ride from Vancouver down to the Tillicum and back home, Diane hadn’t seen the new bridge yet. Jeff has also ridden with a Classic and Vintage group that meets at VeloCult.

Lonnie has been looking at the old Linear bike that he got at the Christmas Party. He’s found that the rear frame has a crack in one of the welds - he’s trying to decide how it could be repaired.

Trails. Chris Achterman attended a meeting discussing plans for the Salmonberry Trail, we’ll look forward to his report. Marty asked if anyone has checked out the John Wayne Trail in Washington.

Events. TaterTOT is being held a week earlier this year, June 19-22. The hotel is booked up, but cancellations do happen. Ben’s Bikes in Sequim, WA is having an informal gathering on July 15-17 (same weekend as the Bikecentennial 40th anniversary in Missoula, Mt.) Monster Cookie is April 24th down in Salem, Reach the Beach is May 21st. The Naked Bike Ride is June 25th here in Portland.

A fun year is ahead!

Lonnie moved to adjourn at 8:10. Next Meeting: February 17th at Recumbent PDX, thanks to Rose City for tonight’s accommodations.

Board Announcements / OHPV Meeting December 13, 2015
« on: February 16, 2016, 11:38:10 PM »
OHPV Christmas Party and Board Elections, December 13th 2015

A delightful gathering was had at Bob and Laurel’s home. Delicious food and drink, a fun gift exchange - including an actual recumbent bike - and good natured socializing.

Business discussed:
The Human Power Challenge has met it’s natural end. Interest is waning and the volunteer time to organize and run it has become greater than the return.

Recumbent Retreat - Todd proposed to move the date to September due to the campground being filled. He was only able to get 48 sites and they are scattered over many loops. Todd will send out emails to past participants to help decide if this change is agreeable.

Board Elections - Edna Vangundy will continue as President, Lonnie Morse as Co-VP, Michael Cox as Co-VP, Barbara Kilts as Secretary. Jack Burpee has requested to step down as Treasurer. Keith Kohan offered to take the position.  No other nominations were given, members voted to continue the current Board, with Keith as Treasurer.

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