Michael's Excellent Adventure

Day 28, 7-15-2002


Disappointing 2nd 'B' at the B&B, looked a lot like the cheap motel continental 'B's that had been a staple for much of the trip. Oh well. I took it pretty easy today. I hit the worst road surfaces of the whole trip on Mass 62. Nice scenery, though. Central Mass. reminds me of Lake Oswego. A surprisingly nice lox bagel was my lunch in Stow, and then things got suburban. There's an historical park in Lexington, but otherwise you wouldn't know it from Beaverton.

The government of this state has deemed it superfluous to put name plates on major thoroughfares, which got me lost a couple times, but never irredeemably so. I persevere, and the traffic gets thicker, but folks keep a pretty respectful distance. I'm pretty much on auto pilot, but I pull into Danny and Heather's driveway at 2:30 PM with a profound sense of relief, glad to be done. A light day, maybe 80 miles.