Michael's Excellent Adventure

Day 25, 7-12-2002


Whew, what a day. I was pretty bloody tired, but things went well enough. Cool temperatures plus a tailwind kept things humming along nicely. I pre-planned my stops right on the money, getting enough chances to eat and drink and use the bathroom, but still was able to hit my stride between those stops. I started hallucinating a little bit. I read a sign for the town of "Floyd" as "Plato" for a little while. (Hey, it was between Rome and Utica, so of course I would be thinking of a Greek philosopher.) But so, anyway, things went well until I got to Rome, where the bike route 5 signage and my cue sheet started having serious disagreements. I spent a good 20 minutes getting myself out of that one. Then a detour around some construction sends me back to the route on the cue sheet. It figures.

I ran with the sock today, after having taken it off for Canada and the first day in New York, and got a bit tired of being honked at. I really didn't have the energy to keep my nerves from fraying in the face of all that.

I end up saving 4 bucks over a perfectly good Motel 6 to stay in a shit hole. Ugh. It'll all be over soon.