Michael's Excellent Adventure

Day 24, 7-11-2002


A sluggish start in New York. I stayed up too late watching TdF coverage on the tube and paid for it with the laziest 95 miles I've ever done. I started out by getting the obligatory shot of Niagara Falls (the towns on both sides of the border were extremely seedy — tourist traps next to nudie clubs next to funeral parlors (?!?), one after another) and then set off through the gently rolling New York countryside. Finding New York bike route 5 was kind of a chore, but it was worth it, and once I found it, following the signs was easy. The character of the landscape, and the population density reminded me an awful lot of Northern Minnesota along highway 10. The shoulder and other conditions were exceedingly good, and it made for a pretty relaxing day, but punctuated by some pretty ugly stretches where they were doing road work. The first few times, I greeted the sign "End Road Work" with relief, but then I realized that you could change the emphasis and read it as a political statement, one that I was starting to agree with, at least in the short term.

I spent all day trying to cover a bunch of ground without having to work too hard, and it just wasn't happening, so I knocked off early in Rochester, so I'd have plenty of energy to cover ground the old fashioned way the next day. I realized that with all the time I had, I didn't have to beat myself up to get to Boston, so I wouldn't. It also gave me time check out a movie. MINORITY REPORT, which was kind of "eh."