Michael's Excellent Adventure

Day 15, 6-30-2002


Hot damn, what a day! After a 5:00 am wake-up call, we got on the bikes and crossed over into Minnesota. The change was both immediate and palpable. For one, there were trees that didn't look like they were planted by people. For two, there was Perkins! We ate breakfast at the one in Moorhead. The riding was beautiful, largely due to the trees. In Dakota, there was nothing to the south, all the way down to the friggin' Gulf of Mexico to stop the wind. In Minnie, we had gentle rollers and trees to shield us. Also, the forecast called for winds to start out of the south, then rotate southwest, west, northwest, and in the evening, north-northwest. Our game plan to to head due east on highway 10, and to take one of four southbound options at some point during the day when the wind started to shift. It worked brilliantly — except for the morning, we had winds on our back all day, and they blew us 165 miles to Little Falls, Minnesota. Where we crossed the Mississippi River. Oh yeah.

For the second time, John is asked where he's from, prefaces his answer by saying, "you've never heard of it" and is proven wrong. In this instance, the questioner not only knows where Philomath is, but it turns out he's only 1 degree of separation from John. This, in Detroit Lakes Minnesota. Dang.