Michael's Excellent Adventure

Day 10, 6-26-2002


Hot dawg! We made it out of Montana finally! I thought that blessed state would never end. We left Glasgow early, as Glasgow wasn't anyplace to hang around. Lots of Scottish references, including several "clan"-flavored businesses. One was the "Clansman", a Chinese-American restaurant/casino, another was KLAN, a local radio station. Yikes! Makes you wonder just how much forethought folks put into these things.

The pavement out of town was lousy, due to Montana DOT stripping the highway for several miles in preparation for resurfacing. Our first stop was in Wolf Point, a VERY nasty little town with a very nasty little bar & grill. We unfortunately bypassed Poplar, the nicest town we saw on the northeastern reservation that we'd be traveling through for most of the day, and made our second stop in tiny Brockton. We met some incredibly nice, helpful folks there. One fellow gave us a great tip on a shortcut through Fort Kip, on the Missouri River flood plain (flat!) that got us around some rollers, and two other guys named Dawson and Thomas, a very droll pair of Indians who were curious about the bikes. For the first time, John prefaces saying that he's from Philomath, Oregon by saying, "you've probably never heard of it..." It turns out Dawson ran cross country at University of Oregon in the mid 80's, and indeed he had heard of Philomath, thank you very much. The shortcut was a real winner, with just one short climb involved.

Just before the end of Montana, we stopped at Bainville, at the Montana Welcome Stop, a very nice roadside convenience store, etc. A really nice place, like being in someone's dining room. We finished the day with a bunch of rollers, up to the Montana/North Dakota border. At the border the road changed abruptly for the better — generous wide shoulders with glassy smooth pavement all the way across the road. The rollers continued into Dakota, and we ended the riding for the day with a nice long roll-out into town. As we were looking for a motel, we met a nice couple riding a Vision tandem, who were part of the long-rumored Adventure Cycling group. They were quite impressed with our bikes and our fairings, and with our 156-mile day.

In North Dakota, the mosquitos devour anything moving slower than 5 mph.