Michael's Excellent Adventure

Day 9, 6-24-2002


A glorious day on the Milk river. We were blessed with constant, light tailwinds, mild temperatures, and easy river grades. We started the day on the right foot with a pair of tasty sticky buns each from a little bakery in Chinook, before we hit the road and rocketed through 70 miles before lunch. The whole time, the cottonwoods along the Milk River dispensed premium quality fluff that floated down through the wind as we zipped along. We heard for the second time a rumor of a large group of touring cyclists somewhere down the road in front of us, and we got several warnings about mosquitos on a stretch of road between Malta and Saco, Montana, which is apparently notorious for them. Neither the riders nor the bugs made an appearance, though. Pity about the first, amen to the second. The second half of the day was also smooth, but felt a bit more sluggish. It's just hard to keep riding with one's initial burst of morning optimism through a full 150 mile day. Fortunately, the wind held, even through a late stop in the almost-a-ghost-town of Hinsdale, and we rolled into Glasgow with a nicely early 5:45 finish, with a total of 147 miles.