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John Williams' story:

Let me get this out of the way first. One of the hardest yet most enjoyable riding days of my life. Clay and his crew were absolutely top notch!! The riders' safety and comfort were always the first consideration. He knows how to pay attention to details and keep the riders happy! Thanks again Clay and crew.

Back to the start..... the five-man highracer paceline was like a pack of banshees at the gun. While I was fumbling with my computer...I temporarily screwed it up at the start including the mounting...everyone took off like it was a 10 mile time trial. Within the first 3 minutes they had a hundred yards on me. I knew I was in trouble.

My race strategy was to simply ride my own sustainable know, the turtle and the hare. That was the idea, anyway. Within the first 15 minutes or so, most everyone ahead of me was well out of sight. Long gone I figured. The route was not velomobile friendly but I thought I'd make the best out of it and ride to finish. I knew the "killer climb" would cost me at least 5 minutes in lost time on the highracers and I was hoping to make up most of that on the 4 miles of downhill on the backside. Hoping I say. Had it been a more gradual downhill, spread out over 6-8 miles w/ 2% downslope, I probably could have stuck it on 40-42mph and held it. Anyway, a short, fast, and exciting downhill stretch to say the least. No traffic, no wind, good tar patches or gravel. I let it rip. My estimates of downhill speed, only estimates, at several spots on the course would place it in the high 50's to low 60's. Braking and handling were steady and predictable. Tires were like new and Kevlar lined.

Anyway, I did catch Joe K and John Cunningham toward the end of major climb starting down the backside into the descent. Also, I passed John Climaldi starting the 3rd lap at the start. He was having a bad case of the cramps at that point. Hate to see that. Aside from those few riders, I rarely saw a rider on the course.
At the top of the big climb, on the last lap, I unfortunately threw a chain which cost me several minutes as I had to climb out of the machine and fiddle with it on it's side. I was hoping to catch the next rider (Michael in 3rd place), I was told, but couldn't make up enough time on the downhill section. He rode an excellent ride not to mention all of the other riders. 
So how was the heat...85-90 the Quest? With the foam cover off, in a word, it was manageable. Climbing 6-7% grades in heat is not its forte for sure. As it were, I was most pleased with the velomobile in light of less than ideal conditions....heat, slow road surface, climbing, and 75lbs of machine to crank up the hills...and down 

A very challenging race where nutrition/pacing/hydration really came into play. The racing surface...rough chip-seal probably affected the highracers less than we small wheeled riders when it came to rolling resistance. Normally the speed in the Quest "carries" forever on any kind of downhill. That just wasn't the case at the race. It felt like I was riding with "soft tires" the whole race. BTW, kudos to the Team Bacchetta guys....a first class group of nice guys! I appreciate the effort they made to attend and compete. Very gracious to be around. I'm already looking forward to next year's Wasco Wild Race. Great friends, great food, and a great challenging course.

Now let's 27lb carbon highracer w/adjustable seat on the fly (upright to luge position)....or the Quest?
John Williams