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John Schlitter's tale:

The first true recumbent road race I have ever rode in happen this weekend. A beautiful 18.7 mile loop circled four times for a total of 74.8 miles on my computer. 

Clay Smith put this race on in The Dalles, OR with real prize money. There could have been up to 500.00 for first place in each class if enough riders would shown up. Even with a few riders in each class it was pretty easy to win your entry back plus some. 

The course and organization of this race was first class especially for the first year run of it.

After four laps you have earned this race. Your climbing along side a running creek. You have to put out the watts to maintain low 20mph for this section then you hit climbing section about 2 miles of serious hills. After that 4 to 5 miles of descent. The road is fairly aggressive chip seal for 99% of the loop. Maybe 200 meters of smooth pavement to remind how bad the chip seal was at the start of every lap.

There was five high racers, 3 Bacchetta Aeros, 1 Vision Sabre and 1 Bacchetta clone home built. Joe K with a little eddie type lowracer and Jamie on his Airlite trike. (I think that was the stock class. I only saw the first six after the first mile or so of the start.) There was about six body socked Easy racer bikes. No streamliners but John Williams showed up with his Quest velomobile trike. He did a heck of a job pedaling that up the 8% mile section every lap. Cool trike. 

Got to meet Rand Milan he rode a lap after riding a century earlier in the day and came over to ride lap. He should have flipped that around. Raced then ride a century.

JS and JV riding Team Bacchetta colors was 1 and 2 over all with a young strong rider named Michael on the Sabre. John Climaldi was fourth in stock I don't know if he was fourth in overall or if some one else got by him. Our senior Bacchetta team rider, John Cunningham, shredded a tire at the top of the climb on lap number two. No spare tires or wheels at hand so you was out of the race at the time he was running fifth place and just getting warmed up.

My total time for the was 3:41:05, 20.3 mph average. Rode the race solo from about ten miles into the race. Michael on the Sabre hit the first big climb on lap one pretty fast so I sat on him until he went into the granny. I was riding a double and did not have that low of gears and had to keep a minimum rpm to make the climb and walked away from Michael and JV. Needed lower gearing to be climb their pace comfortably. Don't remember what JV 's exact time was and how far back Michael was from him.

Great weather, great course, I vote to make this an North American Recumbent Championship course and race for 2005. This is getting closer to real road racing distances.

Keep spinning

John Schlitter
Bacchetta Bicycles