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John Climaldi's comments:

It was a tough race. We definitely earned all 75 miles! Good job Clay, what a great race. Thanks also to the gracious Bacchetta group. The race was in our own back yard (Oregon) and they traveled half way across our great country to attend! Thanks for making the effort and making a great showing. I agree with John W., the race was about nutrition, pacing, and hydration. I lacked 2 out of three and suffered mad cramping on the second lap. I hydrated with water only after the second lap given to me by one of the volunteers and came back 3rd and 4th lap. The cramping was so bad at one point I got off the bike and jogged up a small hill (a tip from Edna as I was passing), and thoughts of bent cyclocross ran through my head. Hmmmm.... While in major pain John W was gaining in the quest, then slowed down to ask me if I was ok. Talked a bit, and then took off. Thanks John W for the kindness and words.

It was also nice to here my good pal Michael Wolfe's accounts of the race. Hey, he suffered to! Good job Michael. See you at PIR! 

Hopefully we will see more riders next year! 

Cheers, John Climaldi (the other John)