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Jim Verheul's comments:

Agreed, ideally this should be next years RR championship race. Hell, make it 8 laps and it could be a Spring Classic!

The number of volunteers working the course for us was impressive and appreciated. The water feed on the top of climb was great to have! 

The course was tough and safe. You could do mid 40's on the descent and still pedal, no brakes. I have suffered nausea from chipseal before, but this course is not to bad, no nausea. The 180 degree turn before the finish is smooth pavement an can be ridden at 24mph, this meant no brakes for me. 

I think I saw ten cars in 4 hours, 7 were driven race staff.

Some personal data from my computer:

3620 feet of climbing
I got 76.1 miles
Temperature was 89 at the start, and 88 at the finish.
Average cadence 95, HR 145 (right in the middle of my "tempo" zone)
Max speed 44.8
Time for me ~3:51? 2?
I never remember to hit the lap button, but going from top of climb to top of climb, my laps were about 59min. I think we started a bit fast, at least for me. 

John S's small gear is a 39/23. I either need more power or less weight or both to hang with him. I rode a 26/23 on the 2 steepest pitches, but probably at a higher RPM than JS, certainly slower.

Mike on the Sabre was about 1:30 up on me on the climb on lap 2. He says he could see JS on the same climb, that probably means 1:30 to 2:00 gap. Clay told me I was 6:00 down on JS at the start of lap 3. Mike stopped for a wheel change at that time. I rode ahead and urinated discreetly. He joined me as I was re-accelerating. We rode together for a time until one of the small upgrades. Since we were not taking even pulls, and I was not getting much rest from him, I accelerated, still dreaming of catching JS. I hope Clay posts the finishing times.

My compliments to Clay, it was very well done. Who will join us next year and do a real road race?


PS Riding with JS and John Cunnigham I see I can do this recumbent thing for decades and stay fast. I don't know which of these 2 teammates impressed me more.




Hey Mike,
Once you get your eating and drinking down, and have better wheel luck, you and I will be rather close I would think. For cramping so early on you still finished quite well, limitting your losses. For reference, I killed about 50oz gatorade and 70oz of water of my own during the race, plus a gulp from the feed every lap at the top of the hill. I should have drunk more sooner, but we were too busy hammering the first lap. That lap was very hard for me. I did not bother warming up for the start. I figured no one would go out hard. Mistake. I learn.

I ate a big breakfast at 7:00 and half a turkey sandwich in small bites between 11:00 and the start. I killed the equivalent of 6-7 Hammer Gels on the ride. Keep in mind that I still weigh close to 200 and have quite a bit more body fat than you. I was well hydrated in the 2 days before the race too. The leaner you are the better you usually tolerate heat, assuming you are hydrated.

I doused my jersey and shorts every lap at the top of the climb. 

What seat and pad are you using? Even early on, I think your shoulders moved up and down quite a bit as you pedalled, more than John's, John's, John's, or mine I think. If you can find out what's permitting that, you might gain some efficiency. 

You might suffer from slightly less BB/seat height seperation, and you where a bit higher than us, but being tall and lean, you're pretty aerodynamic. Keep in mind that John is a skilled descender, thats what John says at least. I never got to descend with him. I actually keep my heart rate at the same level on the climb as the descent, unless I have to coast of course. I was pedalling at 44mph. 

A lot of people seem to believe that its all about bike with bents, but I think between you and I the gap would be closed by nutrition and a bit of better luck. 

JV (name is Jim but call me John, it'll make me faster)

PS Please don't get an Aero. 
PPS Shave your legs! 


...and don't blame the ham sandwich so quickly. The road was chip seal. How much air where you running in the tires? Also, that sandwich should have bothered you earlier. You say it was on lap 3. Thats right after having to ride half a lap with a shot wheel. I bet the vibration from the 3 factors was too much for your digestive tract to handle. 

I could not eat or drink for an hour during the Vine Ride last year. I was running 130psi in clinchers (Stelvio) on chipseal. Saturday I was running tubulars with maybe 105psi. I knew I would be screwed if I could not eat or drink.