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Edna Van Gundy's story:

I was one of the two women that raced on Saturday, the other was Diane Wills (Jeff's lovely wife). I want to add my praise and thanks to Clay for a fun day. If I had been feeling better, I might have actually given Diane some competition. Since there were only the two of us, we asked Clay if we could make the women's race only two laps, instead of 4. He graciously agreed. I started to get leg cramps within the first couple miles. To be able to finish both laps, I backed off and decided to just enjoy the ride. I knew there was no way I could keep up to Diane. There's no catching her when she is focused. I ended up only averaging 10.6 for 2 laps. But the support teams on motorcycles all said I was the only one with a smile on my face the whole race. 

I also want to thank all the other racers, (even the ones who lapped me) for being so friendly and encouraging. Lots of good advice that I plan to put into practice, so I can do better when we do this again next year. 

And to all the other ladies on bents, you don't know what fun you missed. Come out and join us next year!!! 
Thanks all
Edna VanGundy