Value Added Attractions

What else to see and do? It's hard to imagine needing anything else than the HPC to sustain us, but, there's more! In addition to our event, the Electrathon America has one of its premier races that is held concurrently with ours at PIR over the weekend. A dazzling display of ingenuity, foresight, and exuberance are all crafted together, in a showcase of engineering marvel. Click on the link in the left side bar to learn more about this fun and informative venue.

What else to do, places to see, close overnight accommodations? Questions? Could some of suggested links lead you to your answers? These options are for your perusal and benefit.

Website Links:

Links to the organizations related to the Human Power Challenge:

Oregon Human Powered Vehicles 

Fort Stevens Recumbent Retreat 

World Recumbent Racing Association 

Human Powered Race America 

Bent PAC NW 

British Human Power Club 


North American Velomobilist Website

WISIL Recumbent Club

Electrathon America 

Left Coast Velomobile

Official Raceway website and information:

Portland International Raceway