20K Short Track Road Race Stock/Super Stock

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This will be a distance and timed event, for racers in all divisions: men's, women's, Category 2, and tandems. All classes will race at once including streamliners, velomobiles, bikes, trikes and Pedal-Prix style racers. All racers will attempt to complete as many laps as possible within one hour.

Class 1 and Class 2, and velomobiles will race on the short track (without chicane), while Streamliners will use the full track. If ground clearance is an issue, a velomobile may ask to use the full track instead. The start/finish line and time clock will be in the straight stretch between the tower and the chicane. A merging lane will be provided along the straight stretch to prevent conflicts between streamliners and short track racers re-entering the main track.

Racers will start using the same staggered shotgun start as described for the Time Trial. When 55 minutes have elapsed from the starting time, the race leader will be shown the white flag and so will all of the following riders (white flag indicates the race leader is on the last lap). It is possible that not all riders will see a white flag on their last lap, so keep an eye on the time clock, and anticipate your last lap.

Placement of finish will be determined by number of laps completed (converted to mileage) and time to finish those laps. Times will be adjusted by the scoring team to compensate for the staggered start.
This event will be open to all classes, however only those who feel comfortable racing alongside the fastest vehicles, and are experienced enough to race safely with them should attempt this race. The Race Director has the right to deny entry if he/she feels any racer may compromise the safety of the faster moving vehicles.

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