HPC Race Events
The Human Power Challenge provides racers with a diverse challenge of racing venues from all out sprinting to group road racing. Racers may enter as few or as many events as they wish in the same vehicle or you can reconfigure it for a different classification. Click Vehicle Classification for updated descriptions of each vehicle class.
Every facet of rider skills and strengths will be challenged as you may compete in any or all of the following race formats:

200 Meter Sprint
Auto Cross Agility Course
Time Trial
Combined Road Race

1/16 Mile Drag Race
E-Assist Rally
HPV Relay
Solo 1 (velomobiles only)

Also be sure to read the General Rules and Safety section to inform yourself of overall vehicle requirements and safety guidelines. Each vehicle will be inspected during registration to confirm riders have complied with vehicle safety regulations. Please note, PIR and HPC insurance require all participants to be registered prior to taking their vehicles out on the track. Non-registered vehicles will not be allowed on the track. Based upon the racers’ feedback, we will have an overall weekend point winner for each classification. Placement in each event will have weighted values for the top placements and a cumulative point total over the course of the entire weekend will determine the overall winner in their specific category.
Due to the increased possibility of injury that can be incurred during the Autocross Race, e-Assist Rally, HPV Relay, and Solo 1, placement points will not be calculated for these events. The events where placement points count toward the overall point winner will be Time Trial, 200 Meter Sprint, and Combined Road Race. Certificates will be handed out to first, second, and third places in each individual category. For an in-depth look at the description of each race type please select the race specific hyperlink on the right side menu.