What's this going to cost me?

Human-powered Vehicle pre-registration is available via through the mail or on-line. Racers will also be able to register on the day of the race. See Race Registration link for fees and registration information.

What if it rains?

There is always the possibility of inclement weather. Be prepared to race under any conditions.

How do I register?

Please see the registration page. Make sure you show up early enough to get your registration packet, sign the release waiver, and go through the tech inspection. Tech inspection and waiver form MUST be completed prior to race participation.

What are the racing/class rules, specifications, and regulations?

Follow this link to the Human Power Challenge Vehicle Classification Rules . We subdivide the vehicle categories according to the rider: men, women, juniors, and tandems will compete among themselves. For the general event rules follow the link to General Rules and Safety for overall vehicle requirements.

Is camping available? Are there hotels/motels nearby?

Camping in the infield area will allowed this year. A number of hotels and motels are very close by. Look at the Accommodations page or the official Portland International Raceway website for addresses and phone numbers.

Can I arrive early and camp overnight Friday?

Please contact the race committee if you want to come to the track Friday night. We have the track rented Saturday and Sunday. We will allow entry Saturday morning.

Is there food and water nearby or do I need to bring some with me?

Yes & No. If you require good quality food or a special diet it would be best that you bring your own. There is fast food, miscellaneous restaurants, and a Safeway nearby. Local area restaurant recommendations and suggestions have been provided under the Attractions section. PIR has a contract with a concessions company that prohibits us from selling anything and the racetrack concessions stand will be open.

At PIR a couple years back year, the wind was blowing up the main straight, slowing down all of the competition. Could the races be run in the other direction this year?

The direction of the race will be determined the day of the event by the Track Steward. Wind will be considered, but will not be the sole consideration for track competition.

Can I go out on the track to warm up?

There is a designated open practice time each morning. However, you must be registered prior to using the track. If you are warming up for a specific event, a stationary trainer might serve you better. Racers can also use the public roadway outside of the PIR track area. Just remember, it is the responsibility of the competitor to be at the starting line on time.
Winners of the individual Drag Race heats should be allowed to have at least a couple of minutes to regain their breathing before having to run their next heat.

Can I park close enough to the pit area to have easy access to my vehicle for tools, clothes, etc. or do I have to pack all that stuff inside with me?

Yes. The paddock area "inside the track" will have limited parking for racers to park their support vehicle. Once you're in, you may enter and exit the infield area only during periods when there is no racing by either the HPV or Electrathon vehicles. This is very narrow time slots, so choose to come and go wisely. If you have additional vehicles or your group needs to come and go frequently, there will be plenty of "near by" parking just outside of the track near the start/finish stands, you may want to consider bringing a cart or hand truck to carry gear into the infield. And at all times there is available the use of the sky bridge that you may carry your bike/gear to and from the track.

My daughter wants to bring the grandchildren to see the races. Are there any spectator admission charges?

There will be no admission charges for spectators. There is plenty of shade, grass, and stadium seating right across from the pit area/start finish line.

How good is the track surface for skinny bike tires?

Absolutely incredible! The entire track surface is extremely smooth with few cracks or deviations whatsoever. The short track race uses a portion of the in-field access road, which is equivalent to a neighborhood street surface.

How about having a picnic or fun ride combined with the event? Make it more of a social event. Are parts swapping and/or sales allowed?

No problem with the picnicking, the fun ride could be done by some competitors. The sales of parts and/or swapping are fine. Please contact the PIR Committee prior to coming out to the event if you plan on selling products or services.

Will an informational map of the facilities be available at registration?

Follow the links to the PIR Track Map Page. Individual Maps are also located on each Race Event page.

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