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Party at TerraCycle 2010!

Once again the great folks at Terracycle will be hosting the 2010 Human Power Challenge evening event! This will be Saturday night the 30th of May after the races. Gather at TerraCycle to mingle with other racers and wind down with some beer and snacks! Directions to the event will be in your rider packets. If you have not yet registered for the race event.

Left Coast Velomobile at the 2010 HPC!!!!

Check out the awesome poster for the Left Coast Velomobile group that will be attending this years Human Power Challenge at PIR. If you have ever wanted to see a large variety of velomobiles in one place this is the event to attend - it is NOT to be missed - help spread the word! And check out this tasty morsel as provided by the group - be there or miss out!

Based upon the riders who have indicated that they will be attending, you should be able to view examples of the Alleweder, Aurora, Borealis, Go-One3, Glyde, Mango, Quest, WAW, VeloKit, Velocity Velo, plus a variety of self-built VM’s. This is an excellent cross-section of Velomobiles and we are still awaiting confirmation on a couple of other “more exotic” machines as well.” - Craig Johnsen, Left Coast Velomobile

2010 LCVMG final dwg

Event News - Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Power Connector Requirements for WHAM Device for ePower Challenge
WHAM recently underwent some slight enhancements that modified the spade connector configuration. It is very important that you refer to ePower Event under the Race Event heading. The changes are simple and actually are more convenient for any configuration.
Don't miss this announcement! You don't want to show up not being prepared. We will probably have some connectors available for modification but don't rely on us to have one for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.
the Management

Event News - Thursday, April 2, 2009

Help Promote the HPC, Event Flyers are Here!
Hi All,
Here's your chance at helping promote the OHPV's Human Power Challenge, Velo Gathering, and ePower Challenge for 2009! I've redesigned the HPC Flyer to reflect the new events at PIR and they are ready to get distributed at all of your favorite hang outs.
As you will see, there are two very similar flyers; a regular size 8 1/2" x 11" and an 8 1/2" x 14". The larger flyer has the neat feature of having tear off "reminders" of the event (ergo the larger sheet), so if you have access to the larger paper, cool. If not , the smaller version is great too. If you can make the larger ones, simply cut the vertical lines that separte the tabs, so that the interested person only needs to tear it off across the top. If you make the larger one, you might leave a couple at each location, they may (hopefully) run out!
Here are the files that you may have fun with! Thanks for helping out!
Herr Sprocket

HPC 2009 Promotional Flyer (regular size)

HPC 2009 Promotional Flyer (larger size)

Event News - Sunday, March 8, 2009

ePower Challenge New Races and Power Guidelines!
The revelation is finalized! With the advent of the
WHAM device we have changed the race power guidelines to reflect a much more accurate and fair means of running our races. This is great news for any ebiker since now any type of motor (including RC motors) and its power delivery system can easily fit into a racing category. Please click on the link below to get the details of the power guidelines as well as the required hook-ups needed to install the WHAM device into your system.
We have also inlcuded some new ebike racing events on Saturday and Sunday that are a part of the Human Power Challenge events but have a ebike specific category. Other details and cost of registration can be found on the ePower Race Event page.

Event News - Monday, February 23, 2009

New Auto Cross (AX) and Drag Race Formats!
We’re changing things up this year with the Drag Race and the Auto Cross event! The Committee came up with some new twists on these fun races, making them more social and team driven events. The courses and skills will be the same, however, this year you’ll get to share the race with HPV “teammates”.
Both events are going to be team events. The Team Relay Sprint (Drag Race) will consist of (3) members per team, while the Auto Cross (AX), will have (2) members per team. Does this open the door to a whole new level of HPC madness at the HPC? We hope so! Most of us are quite “bent” as it is, so a little more bending won’t hurt.

ePower Challenge - Power Solution Breakthrough!
As many of you know, last year was the first year of the ePower Challenge, a race dedicated to the promotion, use, and fun of electric assist bikes. Many challenges presented themselves with the introduction of this type of racing in an “official” capacity, one of those being developing the power guidelines for the race divisions.
This year, we have a whole new solution to the power issues. The first electric bike race in the nation has a custom made answer for any electric bike race venue, not just ours, but races around the globe! To read more,
click here to proceed on to the Race event/ ePower event page to get the full story.

Event News - Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pre-Registration Race Information
On the registration page, you will notice under the on-line registration, that we have announced a date of March 9th as the first day of on-line pre-registration. However, we have also update the Mail-in forms for the 2009 season and mailing in your pre-registration is now open. Please note, both the insurance and waiver forms need to be filled out on the day of the race at the registration desk.

Event News - Sunday, January 4, 2009

Left Coast Velomobile Gathering Update
Greetings Velonauts!
As you may have already noticed, I copied over the original posting from Craig (on BROL) the announcement regarding the kewl news about our co-joining of events. We, at Human Power Challenge, are very excited that the LCVMG is taking place here and we are certainly getting a lot of early "Buzz" within our community. Folks are chomping at the bit to see the fleet come in, and we are very motivated in helping promote your event to the public. Lots of the ideas concerning media and public exposure are being discussed, I am hoping to overwhelm you folks with activities and positive mojo!
The rides and activities specific to the LCVMG and the scheduled times they will take place are posted on the Race Schedule page, under the "Racing Events" banner and then onto the "Race Schedule" sidebar menu.
There are two LCVMG specific rides taking place over the weekend, one on Saturday, May 23 and one on Sunday, May 24. The Saturday jaunt is a shorter range journey that is a distance of about (20) miles in length. The departure is from the PIR site south to the Willamette River Waterfront area in downtown Portland. Once there, the velo gang can cruise along an incredibly scenic bike/walking path on both sides of the river. On the west side, there are terrific spots where the velos can stop and do a meet and greet with the public. The return trip is along the same route back to PIR.
The second road adventure is on Sunday morning. The route begins doing the same initial route south (as on Saturday) to the OMSI area on the east side of the Willamette River. From there, the tour hooks up to the Springwater Corridor, an incredible stretch of cycling and walking paved trail that winds through picturesque portions of Portland. The velonaut clan will jump off the corridor at 185th Avenue and head north to Marine Drive. There are plenty of spots along this commercial segment that will offer opportunities to refuel your velo! After reaching Marine Drive, the tour will cruise west along the Columbia River for a few miles, enjoying the sights of the mighty Columbia. The clan will make a turn or two off Marine Drive and will skirt by a recreational park area before making the final approach back to PIR. All in all, lots of great scenery, plenty of pic opportunities, and certainly sections where you can also really let the velos run wide open! This route is about 40 miles in length, with a time window of roughly (5) hours.
More details about the route and conference information will follow. Contact Craig Johnsen or the HPC committee with questions, comments, or general conversations. We will be monitoring the velo websites and the forum at BentRiderOnLine (under classified/events), for related discussions.

Event News - Friday, December 5, 2008

Left Coast Velomobile Gathering - 2009 in Portland, OR
We are planning to hold the 3rd Left Coast Velomobile Gathering (LCVMG - 2009) over the Memorial Day weekend, (May 23-25, 2009) at the Portland International Raceway (PIR), in conjunction with the running of the 10th Annual Human Power Challenge in Portland, Oregon.
In an effort to increase awareness of Velomobiles and to demonstrate their blend of versatility, efficiency and fun, LCVMG 2009 will combine demonstration/comparison rides and photo opportunities within the PIR, along with daily rides in the Portland area which will follow a couple of local scenic riverside trails. For those velomobile owners who are curious to “push their speed envelopes” on the smooth, fast track at PIR, we will also have track access during certain times. (Note: We will have to ask for a nominal fee of $15 for insurance coverage while at PIR which will cover participants for the entire weekend.)
The LCVMG 2009 will provide an excellent opportunity for those who live in the Pacific Northwest (or those who are willing to make the trip to Portland) to view and compare examples of the majority of the current commercially-available velomobiles as well as a variety of home-built VM’s. Early indications are that we will have examples of the following velomobiles: the Aurora and the Borealis, FAW, Greenspeed’s new Glyde, Go-One, Leitra, Quest and WAW.
In addition, the “ePower Challenge” is a recently-added category to the HPC for the HPV racing crowd. This may be of interest to those velonauts who have or may add assist to their rigs. There will be vendors and examples of E-assist cycles and components present for those of you who are contemplating utilizing a velomobile (or any cycle) as a primary form of sustainable transportation with the addition of some extra “boost”. The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association will be there, showing cars, motorcycles, etc.
For those who plan to attend, there will be free overnight camping available on a grassy area on the PIR site with nearby bathrooms (no showers, tho’) and there will be some spots next to the track which will have 110VAC for those who need power. Portland, of course, also has many relatively-nearby places to stay if you prefer “credit-card-camping”. If you choose to look in using GoogleEarth, enter “Portland International Raceway” to get a fine overview of the facility.
Periodically monitor the HPC website at: for information updates about the track, as well as information about the HPV and Electrathon racing (non-pedalled, pure electric machines) which will also be going on over the course of the weekend. On Monday, there will be ePower Challenge races. Quite the variety of vehicles!
So mark your calendars for Memorial Day, 2009 to join the Left Coast Velomobile Gathering in Portland, Oregon. Don’t miss this great opportunity to see (and perhaps ride) these wonderful machines. More information on events and attending VM’s will be posted on the usual forums after the New Year.
Craig Johnsen __________________ Craig and Vicky Johnsen Trices & a Quest (#95)

Event News - Thursday, May 15, 2008

ePower Challenge Additional Information & Division Changes

Greetings All,

The Oregon Human Powered Vehicle group, who organizes and runs the Human Power Challenge event in Portland, Oregon, is proud to announce we have secured insurance and the tracks permission to add an electric assist racing category to our venue!

The Human Power Challenge is an event that was developed to showcase the proficiency of the recumbent style of bicycle, not that we don’t embrace all types of cycling (uprights are all very welcome to join in the fun), it was simply that an oversight was committed many years ago to exclude recumbents in any “official” bike race. The HPC event is unlike any other venue in the country, primarily due to the fact we have several racing formats available to the racing enthusiast (drag racing to time trialing), and that we have the honor of holding our event on a world class Indy car race track, Portland International Raceway (PIR). PIR, which by the way, just received a brand new resurface this last fall in time for this years racing season. And as a bonus to our all around “clean weekend of racing”, we hold our event in conjunction with an Electrathon America event that occurs at the same time. Very cool!

So you can see, we are very much into the mindset that revolves around alternative transportation. Being an ardent advocate of e-assist cycling, it has been a goal of mine to help bring this new mode of personal transportation into the general public’s “awareness radar,” giving this cool means of getting around a platform on which to be seen.

I have followed the forums regarding the topic of e-assist racing and have observed the variety of suggestions put forth by the community, and have settled on a “starting point” on which to build from. The ePower Challenge (tentative name), will be a venue built upon the premise that these types of vehicles are “power assist” bicycles, not electric motorcycles. I understand and appreciate the folks that want to develop the ultimate power bikes (that’s cool, it’s all good), but at this venue we are going to be advocates of showing off to the public the viability and forward thinking aspects of how personally and socially empowering these types of vehicles are, and thus will be setting limits on how much “assist” you can derive from your electrical beastie. Of course, the surest way of keeping everyone on an even playing field would be to hook up a watt/hour meter on every bike and limit the usage to a certain amount for a certain distance of race. You would then get to figure out your own “consumption” formula (volts, amps drawn, etc), but until the race gets lots’o extra $’s to outfit each racer with such a device, we’ll need to have some rough justice applied.

There will be two race distances; you may compete in either or both. The first (eCAT 1) will be 6, 9, or 12 laps around the track, based upon your watt hours available. The second (eCAT 2) will be 10, 15, or 20 laps, again, depending upon your power set up. (see below for further explanation on these guidelines). These will be races of governed attrition; with next to pretty much full throttle and a reasonable amount of human input, they should prove to be interesting contests.

A few simple rules to start out by:

  • No drafting allowed. This may make it to the races in the future, but let’s start it out this way.
  • You are allowed to stop and make road side repairs during the race. Pull off to the side so as to not present a danger to fellow riders. If there is an incident that requires medical assistance or help due to a significant vehicular compromise, we will have course marshals observing the races and will aid accordingly. There are no penalties for road side activities; it is simply a time loss to the competitor.
  • Stopping in the pit area for making repairs and adjustments is allowed. Time loss is the only penalty.
  • Battery issues: (1) If your entire battery system needs to be replaced due to a compromise, you may do so after the completion of the first lap, in the pit area. Rider must pedal in to the pit from whatever point on the track you are at. (2) Single cell replacements can be made at any time. (3) If your system has been set up such that it has only a partial amount of the amp hours allowed in that category, you may stop to disconnect the first set and connect the second set, but this procedure may only be done in the pit area. The supplemental pack must be carried by the contestant during the race so as to simulate the weight conditions that others will have if they have a pack that contains all the watt hours in one pack. This is to not discourage contestants from participating due to their current set up. Some folks may think this might be an advantage (fresh pack), but of course there will be the time loss due to the swapping out of batteries.


All battery replacement/repair issues must be done in the pit area!
All vehicles will be checked for voltage levels at the start of the race and a visual confirmation of the battery manufacturer amp hr rating must be available for inspection. Racers must also wear a nationally approved cycling helmet, have at least one side mirror mounted on helmet or bike, and have two independent brakes. One last thing, in accordance to the agreement stipulated on the insurance, we will also be limiting the motors used to conform to a 750 watt continuous power rating that should be visibly marked on the motor casing, no switchero of stickers folks. Too many of us know what to look out for. The 750 watt limit is to “honor” the Fed output limit and will showcase to the public what amazing things can be done with that amount of assist. Of course you can certainly use a less powerful motor, it could be an advantage!

eCAT 1 category (shorter race)
news archive ecat1

eCAT 2 category (longer race)
news archive ecat2

You have the option to pick ANY voltage you like (or have), be it 24 to 72, more, whatever. And simply multiply that voltage of your pack by the amp hour rating of the batteries, to give us an approximation of your watt hour capability. So you can run a high 72 volt system with lower amp hour batteries or lower voltage and greater amp hour batteries, to get you to the watt hour limit of your category/division race.
The schedule: because we have for years utilized the track primarily on Saturday and Sunday for the HPV races, Monday has always been open for rain out days. Therefore, Monday morning will be the race day for both eCAT 1 and the eCAT 2 races. Please be there by 8:30, the races will take place soon thereafter. We do have open track practice times on both Saturday and Sunday that the assists may test and show off their rigs, as well as lots of time to play around/hobnob on the infield area for those days too.
We know this is short notice (because we just received the final approvals last week) but we want to get this out there this year anyway. The Human Power Challenge and now the ePower Challenge will be held on Memorial Weekend, May 24th through the 26th, in Portland, Oregon. The cost this year will be $20 for the weekend of fun. Registration will be taken at the race site on any day of the weekend. More than likely, the OHPV will take a bath financially for trying this new venue this year, but we are hoping that we are opening a door to an exciting and creatively viable approach to personal transportation, and racing of course!
For more details,
contact us. Hope to hear some input and hope you can join us here for the weekend.
Thomas Breedlove Director of the HPC ‘08

Event News - Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Portland International Raceway Repaved: Portland International Raceway has been repaved and reconfigured during the off season.  With the new surface PIR had an opportunity to upgrade the safety aspects of the track with new curbing and improved drainage too.  The most notable configuration change is the last corner prior to the back straightway (going clockwise).  This corner has been significantly widened and made “tighter” in its turn radius.  It should be fun and a great new change.  The greatest improvement that will affect our race is the sheer smoothness of the surface with no cracks or creases in the main loop.  IT’S SWEET! For more details or a video which takes you on a lap around the track go to Portland International Raceway website  Click here also to see the new track map with corner details.
New Sponsors Join Human Power Challenge: The 2008 Human Power Challenge race committee is pleased to announce the addition of three new sponsors to this year’s event.  Full Sail Ale a microbrewery located in Hood River, Oregon has donated event funding money as well as refreshments for the TerraCycle open house being held on Saturday night May 24.  Our new friends at Full Sail produce a myriad of fine ales, at least one which will no doubt compliment your carbo loading requirements.  Team Estrogen out of Portland, Oregon has also joined us in our fun filled weekend of racing and camaraderie.  Their company offers a very diverse selection of bicycle related products ranging from apparel to packs/bags to lighting accessories.   They have donated some of those products to our race so that some lucky recipients will be adorned in the latest and greatest of bike gear.  Good steeds need proper shoes shod on them and we are lucky to have one of the best bike shoe makers on the planet as one of our new sponsors.  Schwalbe Tires is donating a “swag” package to a lucky raffler.  This package will include a front and rear tire along with tubes and rim tape to complete the overhaul.  Ahh, nothing like fresh new rubber spinning on your wheels! Thanks again to our new sponsor friends and a special thanks to all our returning sponsors!  Please check our sponsor page to view this year’s sponsors.
Trike News: Trikes have many advantages.  You can keep your feet on the pedals when you stop, you can haul massive loads with big trailers much easier, and RACE!  Trike riders are invited to bring out their rigs to PIR and they can compete in a Trike division within any of the race categories of Stock, Super-Stock, Super-Street or Streamliner.  Awards will be given separately to Trikes for each individual event (i.e. Time Trial).  However, in the Overall Points Championships, they will be grouped along with the two-wheeled vehicles in each category of Stock, Super-Stock, Super-Street, or Streamliner.
Drag Race Not in Overall Points Pool: Feedback from racers last year was that people wanted more opportunity to race multiple times in the “Drag Race.”  This event will be held again in the main infield but this year racers will be able to race against any vehicle classification.  You and your Stock bike want to take on “That” person in their Super-Stock?  Go for it!  Race as many folks as you like, in whatever rig they run.  Race the same person again!  We want to insure that everyone gets to have more than just one run if they want too, and go head to head against all the power pushers they’d like.  We will have placings and awards for each of the categories though based upon elapsed times recorded during the race.  We have acquired the use of an “electric tree” to start and stop the timing of the each racer as they cross the line.  Hey, the tree can even “DQ” you if you start too soon!  Times will be recorded and placings can then be assessed and awarded. Therefore the committee also decided that the Drag Race would no longer be a part of the Overal Points Championships. The Drag Races will continue to be very competitive but will also encompass a more social atmosphere. The three events that will determine the Overall Points Championships will be the Time Trial, Road Race, and 200 Meter Flying Sprint.
Tentative Site for LCVMG 2009 That’s a long acronym, what’s it stand for?  For the uninitiated (which you are now no longer) it means the Left Coast Velomobile Gathering.  AH HA!  The LCVMG is currently in its third year since its inception and has been held annually in San Luis Obispo, CA for each of those years.  It was during the initial phase of organization in the first year that I contacted Craig Johnson (Organizer/Velo Dude) and offered the Human Power Challenge as a possible site for holding this Velo rally.  And luckily, it now seems that the Velo gathering will take place in Portland for the ’09 season.  What a fantastic complimentary joining of two great events! For more information regarding velomobiles go to the LINKS page to access a velomobile website.

Event News - Saturday, June 2, 2007

Message from the Race Director - Thomas Breedlove WOW! What a fabulous time we had at PIR this year, as chronicled by the plethora of fotos and video that has already made their way to the internet, and by the follow up of ( I can't wait to see ), a ton more visual representations of the spectacle we were a part of! Thanks guys and gal friends for the reports, keep them coming in! It's fun to relive the moments of the weekend, and especially from someone else's view. Even more cool is that we get to share with the world (the unfortunate souls who couldn't make it) the unabridged great time we had racing, test riding each others contraptions, discovering new theories and design concepts (nerds like me !), and just plain old hanging out and laughing with each other. This stuff is irreplaceable my friends! If I do a lengthier writeup in the future, it will be a couple of days before I get to it, just wanna let my brain "cell" ( singular), rest a bit. But by all means, I would like to hear the chatter from the folks out there their recollections of all things Human Power Challenge! Your two cents is invaluable! For now tough, before too much time slips away and I forget to say,,,, I have to say, thank you, from me to you, and from everyone to everyone! I want to thank and salute the race participants for their spirit and dedication to the sport and the lifestyle they choose to embrace! I want to thank the sponsors of the event for their generous gifts that help us celebrate, empower, and grow our conscientious community!( please check out our sponsor page ) And without a doubt, we simply couldn't make any of this happen without the time ,efforts, and truely awesome participation of the volunteers! I wish I could sit here and name and thank each of you who helped during the event, but I would mess it up somehow. Can I simply state that to all who helped lend a hand, from helping set up courses, to lap counting, to registration desk help, to gate crossing guards, to taking pictures, to corner marshalling, to providing tents and equipment, to bringing food and refreshments, to waving flags at the finish line, and to the unabashed zealousy of the bike bell ringers who celebrated the passing of each rider as they flew by,,, I/We say, YOU/WE ARE THE BEST and I/WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT US !!! How's zat?! And natch, to the HPC committee members who shepherd and help bring structure to this event, Edna and Dave VanGundy, Todd Marley and Lonnie Morse, your dedication to our world and the benefits we reap from your presense is incalculable! To all those reading this out there in Cyber world, make sure to heap vast amounts of accolades and kudos upon these people, they deserve your praise! To the other Director of this event, my wife Beth, I can't thank enough. Her efforts were/continue to be, SUPERHUMAN !!! You folks just don't know how many countless hours she has poured into assuring us we succeed in having an incredible weekend of excitement, and at the same time , helping to lay the foundation for monumental growth and recognition of our event, in the years to come. And heck, she doesn't even ride a recumbent! Again, when thinking about "credit where credit is due and well earned", Elizabeth deserves our utmost gratitude and thanks. Accolades and kudos galore!! Great job, well done all! Beth and I salute you all for your participation and contribution to the HUMAN POWER CHALLENGE ! See you in '08. Tom and Beth

Event News - Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reminder the deadline for race registration is Wednesday , May 23, 2007. Register Now to take advantage of the early registration fee of $40.
Pat Franz of TerraCycle, Inc. has provided an official link with more details on the TerraCycle Open House scheduled for Saturday, May 26 starting at 7:00 PM. Click here to for more detailed information

Event News - Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dana Lieberman of Bent Up Cycles in Van Nuys, California, has offered a new twist to his sponsorship this year. Up for grabs are cash payouts to any Velokraft racer who finishes in the top 3 of the stock class vehicles overall point winners in the "mens" division. The cash awards will be $300 for first place finish, $200 for second place finish, and $100 for third place finish. So if you have a VK2 or a NoCom in your stable, this challenge may be just what you're looking for. Thanks Dana for the cool bonus, it's always fun to have "extra" racing motivation to spur on our buddies. As a side note Dana, have a great ride on your Oregon Coast tour. It will be an unbelievably beautiful voyage for you and your traveling partners. Let us know, the OHPV folks, if there any way we can assist or enhance your visit.

Event News - Friday, March 8, 2007

Pat Franz of TerraCycle, Inc. is offering racers his place of business if they need to ship their vehicles to the HPC event. If you are interested in shipping your vehicle, please contact Pat at (503) 231-9798 or (800) 371-5871.